Mooring-marking light
Sure-A-Lite is a white marking light, indtended for use when moored in a harbor.

Choose between two light intensity.
And with a premounted downlight.

Sight distance
ca 1,2 nm
ca 1,6 nm
 Current at night (on)
  40 mA
120 mA
 Current during day
 ca 1... 3 mA
ca 2...6 mA
 10,5V ... 32V
10,5 ... 18 V
 Mecanical design
 Nylon, epoxy, stainless steel, watertight
 Cable inlet
 Max 4,5 mm dia.
2-pole, 0,2 ... 0,75 sq mm
With 360-degrees of light, with a durability of more than 50.000 hours and it is completely water-proof, the Sure-A-Lite is the ultimate sulotion.
Sure-A-Lite mooring marker suitable cable:
10 m 4,5 dia 2-pole tinned, Article No. 25847

Sure-A-Lite glowing...
... at nighet!
Sure-A-Lite may be mounted at a flat face.

A picture of the Sure-A-Lite close up and at a distance.
A daylight-sensor switches the Sure-A-Lite off during the day.
Sure-AT-Lite is made of a Sure-A-Lite and a downlight made of our Sure-T-Lite. The dayligt sensor works on the both lights but the downlight can be switched off by the installed switch (the ringformed part). The downlight have warmwhite led's.

Sure-AT-Lite W+WW, art No. 24848
40 mA + 40 mA, 10,5-32V

Sure-AT-Lite SPW+SPWW, art No. 34848
120 mA + 120 mA, 10,5 - 18V

Sure-AT-Lite as a fixt mount mooring and cockpit light